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Artist Clifford Ward had a number of other careers before pursuing his art full-time. He was pre-med for three years, then switched majors and received a B.A. in speech communications from Rider University. He worked for a business and economics textbook publisher, and later moved to a smaller start-up publishing company in Philadelphia. When the company he worked for went out of business, Ward channeled his energy into creating art, which had always been an outlet for him. He began working at the Johnson Atelier Technical Institute of Sculpture after first serving as an apprentice in 1997-1998; became a member of staff; and then became a member of technical teaching staff in metal chasing.

In 2000 Ward served as part of an eight person team from Museum of Natural in NY and the Johnson Atelier Technical of Sculpture on the articulation of the biggest, most complete and most controversial dinosaur (T-Rex) ever found: SUE

Besides his full time art career, Ward teaches art to adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities at the Center for Creative Works in Wynnewood, PA.

Ward's studio is located on the beautiful 47 acre sculpture park, The Grounds for Sculpture, in Hamilton, NJ. He is a permanent artist in residence. As a permanent artist-in-residence there, he teaches many workshops, creates sculptures, paintings and enhances clothing with his art. His primary medium is plaster bandage!

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